Report on 2019’s NJ Ride For The Cure!

Thanks to the generosity of many people and a few organizations we’re happy to announce that we’ve met and exceeded our 2019 goal of $10,000 for the two research funding organizations. It’s thanks to all of YOU and the staff and ownership at Cross-Country Motorsports that this was a success.

Will we do it again?  That’s up to you. Please let me know your feelings on how it went this year, and if you’d be interested in doing a similar fund-drive next year. If we do it next year, I have a list of really odd places to send you to – and I’ll give you more time to do them. This year the scavenger hunt was a bit compressed due to time constraints.

Please reach out to me at: – with your ideas, gripes, suggestions – whatever. I’d love to hear from you.  If you have any photos to share of the event at Cross-Country, please email them to me – I’d love to put an album of the 2019 event up!

And once again – a big THANK YOU! to everyone who helped make 2019 Ride for the Cure a success!



Update as of 03/06/2020:  So far no one has expressed any interest in doing the ride again.  That’s OK – people have busy lives and this probably isn’t a high priority. I do want to thank EVERYONE, especially our sponsors, for all the support we received for the 2019 Ride.  We exceeded our goals, everyone had a good time, and I think everyone who attended the “event” went home happy.

I’m leaving up the basic website in the hope that some visitors may feel kind enough to donate to one of the funds below, and as a tribute to one of my favorite riding buddy’s – Harold Gantz.

Rubber side down, eh?



Update as of 04/15/20 – COVAD-19 is now the catchword of the day. I hope all of the supporters and followers of the Ride for the Cure are doing well and are healthy.

Donpdte as of 03/06/2020 – so far no one has expressed any interest in doing it again.


The beneficiaries of the fundraiser were two prostate cancer organizations:The Prostate Cancer Foundation – (PCF) funds independent research in prostate cancer treatments – and they’re searching for a cure. Over 84% of the funds donated to them go directly to research. They are a worldwide organization, and very highly rated by charity rating groups. 

The ZERO-Cancer organization is a US based foundation, focused on funding research and supporting current prostate cancer victims. They also send over 83% of the funds they receive directly out to research grants and services for men suffering with prostate cancer. 

Updates on the event will appear here as they happen!  And the “Locations” list will appear here on August 1st!


Don Eilenberger, Trustee NJ Shore BMW Riders, Ambassador BMW-MOA, Regional Director, BMW-RA.


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The Prostate Cancer Foundations we support

Please click the ZEROCancer logo to access our donation page. You can then register and sign up for the event. If you’re unable to attend the event at Cross Country, please still consider making a donation by clicking one of the “donate” buttons.

Click the PCF logo to access our donation page. Use the “register” or “RSVP” buttons to register for the event. If you are unable to attend the event, please consider making a donation by clicking the “donate” button.

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